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      After 20 years of operation and development, An Loc JSC has become one of the local leading companies in the field of extraction and processing of natural marble, provide customers with a comprehensive solution through a closed process from the stage of quarrying in mining, manufacturing and processing on the lines of modern equipment, finishing, quality control, package, delivery and installation works.

      We ensure perfect product quality and the progress of construction works and projects. With the aim of satisfying the increasingly diverse needs of our customers and meet the increasing consumption, An Loc JSC has continuously developed the machinery and equipments for the Marble mines and the plant’s capacity and continuous improvement, improve product quality

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 Exploiting and processing natural stone-Consulting services for mineral activities. You’ll find all of your options at An Loc JSC


Marble Stone

The beauty of marble stone is a splendid harmony between sophistication and the natural strength. Marble is not just an artistic masterpiece with unique veining but also a symbol of events unfolding through time. When light touches its smooth surface, the stone becomes elegant and captivating, creating a unique and luxurious space

Cladding Stone

Cladding stone, a versatile architectural material, enhances structures with both aesthetic appeal and durability. Whether used for exterior facades or interior accents, cladding stone offers a timeless and natural lood. Its diverse textures and colors allow for creative design possibilities, complementing various architectural styles. Beyond its visual charm, cladding stone provides protection against the elements, making it a popular choice for sustainable and enduring construction solutions.


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Pebble stone, with its exquisite and luxurious beauty, stands as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Found in the architecture of historical and classical cultures, marble transcends its role as a building material to become an art form, gracing interior decorations and high-end sculptures. Widely utilized in constructing floors, walls, and artistic masterpieces, it also finds a place in the creation of tombs and memorials. The historical significance and diverse applications have elevated marble to an emblem of luxury and prestige in construction and decorative projects


why choose us

     Own quarry, more chose, good price. We mainly focus on producing white marble with a variety of colors such as grey white, blue white, yellow stone, white striped … with surfaces like sandblasting, polishing, fading, roughing, etc. Cut to size to meet customers’ requirements. In addition, the company has expanded its products such as gravel, chip marble, calcium carbonate powder…


Competitive prices meet the demands of international markets and particular needs of customers all around the world


Quality is considered the priority element of our company creating customer satisfaction and the success of businesses


Thanks to the relationships with many partners in terms of shipping agencies, we guarantee the delivery is always on time with good quality and professional services


Our products have been being exported to many continents in the world with good reputation and prestige in the stone market


The capacity is very big with many of our own quarries and factories ensuring the continuous quantity and the stable quality of marble

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